Introducing our A330-200F
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AviancaTaca Holding S.A. Incorporates its First Airbus 330F Exclusively for Cargo Transport

  • Tampa Cargo is the first operator of the A330-200 Freighter in the Americas.
  • The first A330-200F aircraft to be operated by Tampa Cargo S.A will be assigned to international cargo services between Colombia, the United States, Mexico, Brazil, and Peru among other countries in the region.
  • AviancaTaca Holding S.A. ordered a total of four A330F type aircraft from the European manufacturers which are ideal to serve highly demanding cargo markets.
  • In parallel with the expansion of the freight capacity and as part of the preparation process for the incorporation of the new cargo fleet, Tampa Cargo S.A has optimized its processes, expanded its routes network and significantly increased space in its on ground facilities.

On Thursday, January 17, Tampa Cargo S.A , the cargo airline of AviancaTaca Holding S.A headquartered in Colombia, officially incorporated the first of four new Airbus A330-200F freighters purchased by the company from the European manufacturer.

With the addition of this new eco-efficient aircraft on routes to and from Colombia, the United States, Mexico, Brazil and Peru, Tampa Cargo S.A offers its customers in Latin America and the United States a modern and efficient tool to provide greater capacity for transporting goods and merchandise.

The new Airbus A330-200F is the world’s most modern mid-size freighter which is ideal to cover international routes to destinations with high operational demand. These aircraft, powered by Rolls-Royce Trent 772 engines, with a capacity to transport up to 70 tons of cargo with a range of up to 4,000 nautical miles, are part of AviancaTaca’s strategy to consolidate its capacity to transport freight in the region.

The new Airbus A330-200F aircraft, which boasts cutting-edge technology, is known for its highly efficient operation and low levels of noise and emissions. Its design was specifically devised for the simultaneous transport of various cargo types, which makes the A330-200F the ideal solution to transport different kinds of goods or materials on the same flight. This is thanks to special devices that control temperature by zones.

According to AviancaTaca´s CEO, Fabio Villegas Ramírez, "Trends in the cargo market throughout the Americas encourage us to expand this part of our business. We want both importers and exporters in the region to see AviancaTaca and Tampa Cargo as optimal partners for fulfilling their business objectives. We expect this first Airbus A330-200F freight-only model to become an invaluable support to companies who need to move goods and merchandise throughout the continent."

Preparation for the arrival of the new fleet

Following Avianca and Taca Airlines operational integration, the synergy capturing program for the cargo business was set in place with an integrated effort in the design and implementation under a common policy led by the Holding´s Vice President of Cargo. Thus the unification approval process for transporting goods on passenger aircraft belies for all the group airlines, as well as for the freighter fleet began.

As part of the preparation for the arrival of the new fleet, important investments were set in place such as the expansion of on ground physical space and the improvement of key processes which are an important link in AviancaTaca´s air service chain and that include the expansion of the cargo network route.


Ground Infrastructure, hangar and warehouse expansion
Over the past two years the facilities for receiving and packing cargo in Bogotá, Lima and Medellín were refitted. This included the expansion and refurbishment of warehouse space, administrative offices and aircraft maintenance hangars. In the Eldorado International Airport in the Colombian capital, warehouse capacity was increased by more than 200% and the refrigerated cargo areas were expanded by 114%, which now have additional spaces for the storage and preservation of goods that require cold chain handling.

Meanwhile in Peru, the operational and administrative processes were unified and the facilities and warehouses of Lima Cargo City were expanded in order to provide service from a single point from the Jorge Chávez International Airport in the Peruvian capital. During the first quarter of 2013, completion of the tasks that will increase capacity for handling cargo in the warehouse located in Miami is scheduled. The objective is to achieve an average increase of 50% in the transport of imports and exports to and from this city, and a 77% increase in refrigerated cargo, which combined will achieve an average growth of 57%.

Finally, the company also remodeled the aircraft hangar for Tampa Cargo S.A aircraft in Rionegro, (Antioquia). With a total area of 3,830 square meters, the freight line has optimal spaces for inspection and maintenance of Boeing B767-200, B767-300, B757-200, the Airbus A320 and A330 family as well as their engines.

Process improvement and merchandise monitoring platform implementation
The reorganization of the cargo processes included the implementation of the SkyChain system, by which all the cargo information from all the airlines of the group was consolidated into a single platform. Thanks to this system, customers are able to view the available capacity on each flight, make bookings and track shipments online, ship their cargo at any station of the group, use air waybills with any of AviancaTaca Holding S.A airlines, enter the respective documentation, reconcile their accounts and streamline their deliveries.

Product portfolio expansion
The optimization and professionalization of the processes that make up this important link in the chain of imports and exports has allowed the holding to expand its portfolio of services to clients. Tampa Cargo is now at the forefront of freight transportation, handling goods such as live animals, perishable items, newspapers and printed materials, among others.