Introducing our A330-200F
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Special Products

We are committed to satisfy your air cargo transportation needs through a wide range of products, from general cargo to those products requiring special care due to their life cycle, nature, handling or priority. Among these products are: live animals, hazardous cargo, human remains, perishable goods and others. We offer this service for shipments transported from airport to airport, using efficient routing based out of our hubs: San Salvador (El Salvador), Lima (Peru) and Bogotá (Colombia) and through our important operation centers: Miami (EEUU), Medellin (Colombia), Quito (Ecuador) y Mexico D.F. (Mexico).

Oversize and Overweight Cargo

Some industries require the transportation of pieces that exceed the standard, either by their size or their weight.

A piece is considered oversized when its dimensions exceed a cargo aircraft main deck position and therefore occupies part of another position.

A B767-300 main deck positions dimensions are 88"x 125" or 224 cm x 318 cm and on a A330-200F main deck position dimensions are 96 "x 125" or 244 cm x 318 cm.

A piece is considered overweight when due to its weight, it must be handled in 16 ft or 20 ft pallet.

Because we understand the special needs of these kinds of shipments, Avianca Cargo has designed a product with special features to guarantee the integrity and security of your cargo.

This product includes: 

  • Special ramp handling with Specialized equipment
  • Trained personal Specialized in handling these types of shipments
  • Load Master when necessary

It is important to consider the following recommendations when handling this type of cargo:

  • In the AWB under handling information, a 24 hours emergency contact must be included
  • In the AWB under nature & quantity of goods, the exact number of pieces should be indicated
  • The cut-off time for this type of cargo is 8 hours prior to flight departure
  • In case the cargo needs to maintain a certain orientation, handling labels must be attached in at least two opposite sides of the cargo

For more information regarding the conditions and restrictions of this service, contact your local cargo adviser.

Live Animals

Air transportation of live animals is subject to the IATA Live Animal Regulations Manual (LAR). regulations, which specify documentation, travel containers, and special labels required to ensure safe carriage of animals.

Main features of this service:

  • Boarding priority
  • Expedite ramp handling
  • Personalized handling
  • Transportation of animal handlers in our freighter flights (for horses  and any other type of animal that requires to be transported in the Main Deck of the aircraft)

There are some special requirements you need to consider:

  • The shipper is responsible of having the proper documentation, permits, labeling and travel containers
  • It is recommended that the shipper coordinates in advance with the consignee or freight forwarder to pick up the animals as soon as they arrive to final destination
  • Live animals will not be able to spend the night at the airline´s warehouse; this restriction includes origin, transit and destination stations. Shipper must coordinate shipment considering itinerary and transit times
  • The freight forwarder or shipper must ensure that the animals fulfill all phytosanitary conditions and prerequisites required by local authorities at origin and destination
  • Is not permitted to carry animals from the rodent family in our aircraft.  Some examples of this kind of animals are: squirrels, beavers, rabbits, Guiney pigs, porcupines, rats and mice, from all species including lab rats or pets like hamsters
  • The airline will not accept live animals that can be dangerous or harmful during flight (animals that show offensive or aggressive behavior that cannot be calmed by sedatives)
  • Is not permitted to carry Live animals that appear in the CITES list (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora). The shipper must check the government requirements to avoid illegal trafficking of flora and fauna
  •  The airline will not transport animals that have given birth in the last 48 hours
  • The airline will not accept pregnant animals unless their accompanied by a veterinarian certificate that certifies the animal is fit to travel and there is not risk of birth occurring during the journey
  • The airline will not accept pets under 8 weeks old
  •  Animals cannot be consolidated with other type of cargo
  • Is not permitted to carry live animals in Embraer 190 and ATRs

Main features of the service are:

  • Priority boarding
  • Expedite ramp handling
  • Specialized l handling
  • Animal Handler transportation in our Freighters (applies for horses’ shipments , and / or any other main deck animal)

For more information regarding the conditions and restrictions of this service, contact your local cargo adviser

Dangerous Goods

Dangerous goods or restricted articles are described as products or substances that are capable of posing a significant risk to health, safety or property when transported by air. These articles require special handling and procedures established by IATA's Dangerous Goods Regulations for air transportation.

We have specialized personnel to handle in a safe, secure, responsible and diligent manner all Dangerous Goods’ shipments.

Main features of the service:

  • Boarding priority
  • Specialized handling by trained and highly qualified personnel
  • Storage in specialized areas
  • Our Freighter fleet allows us to handle a wider variety of dangerous goods

Some of the items deemed dangerous are:

  • Compressed gases (flammable, non-flammable and toxic) gas canister, compressed air cylinders, aerosols or diving air tanks
  • Corrosive substances (acid, alkaline): wet cell battery
  • Explosives: weapons, munitions or pyrotechnics materials
  • Flammable liquids or solids: lighter fuel, matches and items that are easily ignited
  • Radioactive materials
  • Oxidizing or irritant materials: bleaching agents, peroxide, hydrogen peroxide
  • Toxic or poisonous materials: arsenic, cyanide, insecticides or herbicides
  • Infectious substances and laboratory samples for diagnosis

All items classified as dangerous goods must be tendered to the carrier as follows:

  • Properly classified, labeled and with the proper name of the article being shipped
  • Properly packaged, according to the applicable Packaging Instructions according to IATA's Dangerous Goods Regulations Manual
  • Properly labeled, according to the risks that the article can represent during air transport
  • Accompanied by "The Shipper Declaration of Dangerous Goods" form, properly completed and signed

There are some special requirements the shipper needs to consider:

  • There are some substances and articles that are restricted for air transportation, please review IATA's Dangerous Goods Regulations Manuals
  • Shipper must check with local authorities at origin, transit and destination any restrictions and/or special documentation required for the shipments
  • Shipper must check with our local office the restrictions per carrier that might apply

Note: For more information about the acceptance of any dangerous item contact our local office or write us via email before submitting the shippment for transportation.

Human Remains

We are committed to providing attentiveness and respect when transporting human remains. We understand the importance of the situation, and we treat each shipment with utmost care to ensure an optimal arrival at the final destination. Human Remains and ashes are considered special shipments, with top boarding priority and confirmed space from origin to destination.

Main features of the service:

  • Highest boarding priority on our flights
  • We guarantee transportation on commercial flights through our Must-Go service
  • Storage in special areas within our warehouses

These are some of the documents that may be required for the transportation of Human Remains; nonetheless, you should contact the local authorities, for any additional documentation required:

  • Permit for international transit of human remains, granted by the health authority where the death occurred
  • Embalmer certificate
  • Death certificate issued by the competent authority of the country where the death occurred
  • Copy of the passport of the deceased and of the family member or legal representative requesting the transportation.

The shipper must verify that the type of packaging is appropriate for air transportation. The type of packaging will vary depending on whether or not the human remains are cremated.

  • Cremated Human Remains: should be packed properly in sealed funeral urns; The urn box should be protected with an outer packaging to prevent damage during transportation
  • Non-cremated Human Remains: Only 2 kinds of packaging are allowed:
    • Zeigler Unit (Ziegler Tray): the remains must be placed inside a hermetically sealed box and reinforced with outer packaging of pressed cardboard or wood to provide more protection
    • Coffins: Must be reinforced with an outer packaging using a pressed cardboard box or wood
  • Exhumed remains: must be packed as a Non-cremated Human Remain

Note: Human Remains reservations must be previously coordinated for space confirmation. For more information on the conditions and restrictions of Human Remains transportation, contact our local cargo advisor or write us via email.

Perishable Cargo

This service provides transportation for items that require fast delivery due to its nature of the goods. These are articles that decompose quickly or which require priority in transportation and special handling.

Some examples of these goods include:

  • Fresh products: frozen or fresh meats, fish, seafood and mussels
  • Flowers, foliage, plants
  • Fresh fruits, vegetables and fresh greens
  • Dairy products, ice-cream
  • Medicines, blood and/or plasma, serum and vaccines
  • Bread and pastries
  • Newspapers and magazines

Note: For more information about the packaging recommendations, conditions and restrictions of the transportation of Perishable Cargo, contact our local cargo advisor or write us via email.


With our Must-Go service, we guarantee the high priority and safe transportation of goods that due to it´s nature require expedite handling and special security measures.

Some examples of Valuable Cargo are:

  • Gold
  • Bank notes
  • Platinum metals
  • Traveller´s checks
  • Stocks
  • Gemstones
  • Jewelry

Main features of the service:

  • Shipments are escorted by our security staff at origin, transit points and destination
  • Contingency plans in case of flight delays, landing on alternative airport, etc
  • Storage in specialized areas
  • Surveillance within the warehouse in our main stations, though a close circuit television system
  • Constant communication through internal pre-alerts to all personnel involved in shipment´s handling
  • Special coordination between security and operational teams
  • All shipments of valuables are guaranteed with positive space on Avianca (Passenger flights) through our Must-Go service
  • Special contract for transportation of valuables needs to be sign

There are some special requirements the shipper needs to consider:

  • For valuable cargo shipments the Airwaybill must be issued without a declared value
  • Valuable Cargo cannot be consolidated with other type of commodities/goods, however it can be consolidated with other valuable goods
  • Before shipping valuable cargo is necessary to contact your local sales agent, in order to coordinate all airline requirements

Note: For more information about the conditions and restrictions of the transportation of Valuables, contact your local cargo advisor or write us via email.


Using active containers (electric and dry ice), we provide a specialized service for shipments that require strict temperature control and monitoring.

We take special care of shipments that require a constant temperature between -20ºC and 20ºC ( -4ºF to 68ºF); the most common categories being:

  • Refrigerated products (36 ºF to 46 ºF)
  • Controlled Room temperature products (59 ºF to 68 ºF)
  • Products that require a protection from freezing (+ 36 ºF)
  • Deep Frozen products (14 ºF or less)

Pharmaceutical Industry: Because we understand how delicate transporting life-saving medications can be, we have designed specific procedures that are in line with chapter 17 of the IATA Perishables Manual and the Good Distribution Procedures (GDP) established by the World Health Organization which allows the safe transportation of healthcare products. We monitor the required temperature during the entire transportation process to avoid any variation in the shipment that might compromise the efficiency of the pharmaceuticals. Some of these pharmaceutical products can be: vaccines, insulin, biologics and/or any other medications sensitive to changes in temperature.

Other Industries: With CoolCare, we can also provide the carriage of other perishable commodities, such as high-priced meats and seafood, or technology equipment such as semiconductors that must be transported in active temperature-controlled containers.

Main features of the service:

  • Re- icing and battery replacement service available
  • Expedite on-ramp handling
  • Expedite delivery at destination
  • Highest Boarding priority
  • Constant monitoring

Temperature controls:

  • Specific procedures designed for the transportation of temperature-controlled containers
  • Trained personnel specialized in handling active containers with dry ice or electric cooling/heating technology
  • Contingency plans designed to keep temperature within specified ranges
  • Checklist for each CoolCare shipment
  • Constant temperature monitoring (every 3 hours and at critical control points)
  • Battery replacement and re-icing, whenever required
  • Access to cold storage rooms at our main cargo stations

Note: For more information about the conditions and restrictions of the transportation of Cool Care, contact our local cargo advisor or write us via email.

Personal Effects

We offer a service that is reliable and fast so you can send personal effects to your family and friends, from the United States and Canada to Central and South America. We invite you to learn about our new service so that you can easily send your bags, boxes, and packages.

Note: For more information about the conditions and restrictions of the transportation of Personal Effects, contact your local cargo advisor in the United States and Canada or write us via email.


Sometimes small packages are the most urgent shipments, and their prompt arrival is imperative.

For these kind of shipments we have designed Rapidito, a fast Airport to Airport service available in most of our network.

Main features of this service:

  • Airport to Airport transportation
  • Boarding priority
  • Daily flights to must destinations
  • Anticipated booking is no necessary
  • This service must be paid in cash and the AWB is issued at the cargo counter of the airline
  • Weight per piece must not exceed 45 kilograms (100 pounds) and dimensions not exceed 90 inches (30x30x30 linear inches)

There are some special requirements you need to consider:

  • Availability of the service depends of Customs restrictions applicable in each country
  • Restrictions may apply entering/departing the USA due to TSA regulations
  • Consignees should follow the necessary customs procedures in each destination country
  • Is not possible to ship valuable cargo, dangerous goods, perishable goods or live animals with this service

Note: For more information about the conditions and restrictions of the transportation of Rapidito’s, contact your local cargo advisor or write us via email.


As we understand the special needs of the courier companies, we offer a reliable service that ensures on time arrival of their shipments. These are accepted subject to the Courier Service regulations and rates of each country.

Main features of this service:

  • Boarding Priority
  • Airport to Airport transportation
  • This product is designed to be carried in passenger flights although it can also fly in freighter flights.
  • Rates apply on physical weight as long as the shipment fulfills the following conditions:
    • Maximum weight per piece is 50 kg (110 lb)
    • Maximum linear dimensions per piece is 254 cm (100 in)

Note: For more information about the conditions and restrictions of the transportation of Courier’s, contact your local cargo advisor or write us via email.